Maintenance and repair of your endoscopes

We have an endoscopy department that is specifically dedicated to the maintenance of your Olympus, Pentax, Fuji and Storz endoscopes.

Medicatech’s commitment in 6 points:

  • Customised repairs: replacement of sub-assemblies only if absolutely necessary.
  • Permanent stock of 1,300 products and 2,300 qualified parts.
  • Traceability of each replaced part.
  • Average turnaround of under 14 days for common repairs (colo. & gastro.).
  • 4 types of maintenance contracts (details on request), after stock has been audited.
  • Manual testing + endoscope washer/disinfector certified.

What does our repair process entail ?

Upon receipt: Recording your device 1
Disinfection 2
Check 3
Repairs after agreement 6
Sending of quote 5
Diagnosis 4
Double-check after verification 7
Disinfection 8
Dispatch 9
  • Collection in under 24 hours.
  • Identification and recording of your endoscope in our database to ensure its monitoring.
  • Bag opened in the laboratory, followed by equipment pre-disinfection during leak-testing inside an endoscope washer/disinfector.
  • Reliable diagnosis by a biomedical technician specialised in flexible endoscopy.
  • Free quote.
  • Repairs with new parts and tuning.
  • Control range: 56 to 111 control points based on the model; leak testing, cleaning and disinfecting of the endoscope in a peracetic-acid bath.
  • Return within 10 working days.
  • 6 months warranty on parts and workmanship.
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Rigid (Scope)

Repairs and sale

Scope repairs

We have a specific endoscopy department, where your scopes of any make (Storz, Olympus, Landanger, Wolf, Stryker, Comeg, Aesculap etc.) can be maintained or replaced.

Medicatech’s commitment in 7 points:

  • Fixed price.
  • Milk-run delivery / pick-up or parcel post.
  • CE marking compliance.
  • Specific traceability by Datamix laser marking.
  • Replacement / exchange when a scope cannot be repaired (Repair-Replace-Sell policy Scope Eco-Package full package).
  • Checking of all phases in the process.
  • Compliance with ISO 13485 procedures.

What does our repair process entail ?

Upon receipt: recording of your scope 1
Check 2
Diagnosis 3
Check and tune scope 6
Repair after quote accepted 5
Send quote 4
Leak test, goes into autoclave (134°/ 18 mins) 7
Double-check after validation 8
Dispatch 9
  • Collection in under 24 hours.
  • Dispatch of a loan scope in under 8 working hours (in-night or express) while waiting for repairs.
  • Recording of your scope in our database to ensure it is monitored.
  • Reliable diagnosis by a technician specialised in rigid endoscopy.
  • Repairs with new parts and tuning.
  • Leak testing
  • Return within 10 working days
  • 6 months warranty on parts and workmanship
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Sale of scopes

Medicatech offers you a wide range of scopes in the following medical categories: laparoscopy, arthroscopy, ENT, cystoscopy, hysteroscopy, ureteroscopy.

We also supply accessories: cold-light cables and adapters.

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